Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Whole Life

Angie and Kevin Stafsholt will be teaching OWL to the 9-12 Grade Youth starting this Fall. It will be held on Sundays from 10:45-12:15am. The Parent Orientation will be held on Saturday, August 21st (time to be determined) at UUSBHC. If you have a youth that will be attending OWL, the parent must attend the orientation and sign the appropriate forms.

Please contact Angie and Kevin at with questions. If you know that your youth will be attending OWL, let Angie and Kevin know now. They must prepare and make sure they have enough numbers for the class to happen. If your youth has a friend(s) and you know that their parents would like for them attend OWL, bring them along. They are welcome!

OWL is a fantastic class about sexuality for the youth. It is something that our church is lucky to be offering. If you have youth that will be in 9th-12th grades this fall, make the commitment for them to attend OWL. They will be glad you did!

June 2010 UUYouth News

Well, here is the end of the Youuth RE year! Man, it went by fast. We learned a lot, about ourselves, the youth and how to do things. We had a successful year and I know we enjoyed ourselves. We want to congratulate Stormy O'Brink and Elise Hanson on graduating from high school. They are both attending UNI in the fall. Good luck to you both, you will be missed!
Thank you to all who have bought baked good from us over this past year! The Youuth have raised $242 this year toward their trip to Chicago in 2011. Thank you again. I know we may have not helped your waist lines, but you ate the calories for a good cause!
Kevin and I are off to Des Moines to train for OWL (Our Whole Life). We will be teaching 9-12th grades OWL starting in the Fall. We have heard wonderful things about this program and are excited (and a little nervous) to become teachers. The parents and students will be receiving more information on this closer to the fall. In addition to OWL, the Youuth will be exploring other religions next year. We hope to learn about the most popular religion, to the oddest to the smallest religion. No religion will go untouched!
We are looking forward to welcoming Hannah and Grace into the Youth room next year!!! It will be a fun and exciting year, plus Kevin and I kind of know what we are doing now!
Have a fantastic summer and we will see you in the Fall for Sunday School!
Angie Stafsholt